There are now hundreds of agencies, government departments and arms length organisations who can find the time and fnances to take a fledgling business and help by backing and mentoring it through those essential few months.   The most famous helper for young folk starting up in business is by far and away the princes trust which has a huge enterprise programme for 18-30 year olds to start their own business with suitable training, funding & menoring support.   The rest has a huge enterprise programme that plucks the brigh, pro active entrepreneures    Young folk with a sound business plan find it most useful to have another established firm mentoring them, particulaly down any sectors of advertising that calls for a routine search.  The trust jalso has various departments for the would-be entrepreneurs to tap into for funding advice;  the enterprise programme is huge and that helps 18-30 year olds to learn the ropes to make a succvessful business venture with training, funding and mentorintg.